Why TAaaS?


In today’s tight funding environment when startups need to do more with less, Talent Acquisition as a Service (TAaaS) is a compelling new alternative promising speed and talent density that internal teams don’t and service and value that agencies can’t.  Originally published in Forbes.jobs Talent is for most companies the single most significant annual investment […]

Why 95% of Startups Fail…and How to Beat the Odds

resized startup failure teal illustration

Despite the overriding belief that intellectual property, patents, and funding trump all, the most important asset a startup will ever possess is its people. //Excerpted from Yahoo Finance Article, May 6, 2023: In 2022, funding for IT startups fell 35%, compared to the previous year, creating additional pressure on cash-strapped IT startups to work with […]

Piercing the Noise


Competing for top talent as a startup against the tech giants (and everyone else looking for the same people) // Excerpted from People Talk Interview September 2019 When I started in recruiting I blasted out the same kind of ill-informed, presumptuous and super sales-y emails that are so common in the marketplace. I didn’t have […]

Interviewing: In the Background


The most powerful preparation you can do before ever interviewing again is honing where you are coming from when you are in an interview.  First of all, you aren’t going to an interview to sell yourself or to get something from the person/ people you’re speaking with. Go to a job interview to help the […]

The Mind of a Startup


As a startup founder you already don’t have enough time in your day to do everything you want to do and you can’t get your product to market fast enough. You need people- your people- to help you build this thing.  But every other startup, big Tech company, etc. is looking for the same talent. […]