Quanata is State Farm’s social good InsurTech play and one of the key portfolio companies in their $100B+ business. BrainCloud was brought on by Quanata’s Founders before they had a single employee. We subsequently built out their entire recruiting function and scaled the company to 280.

To get there we had to hunt down 139 of their hires, 73% of whom are still with the company up to 6 years later. We also performed all Executive Recruiting for Quanata including the recruitment of 3 VPs and 9 Company Directors. Along the way their employee Glassdoor rating has never dipped below 4.7, and it is currently 4.8.


As an Engineering-centric organization (half of the company is either an Engineer or a Data Scientist), Quanata was particularly reliant on BrainCloud to hire up their Engineering and Data Science teams in an extremely tight market for Eng/DS talent.  With no established reputation- and no equity- we consistently beat out the biggest names in Tech for the most in-demand Engineers and Data Scientists by leveraging our extensive networks, with finely crafted messaging and through dogged determination.  

From the start, Quanata’s hiring bar was high and unyielding:  only Senior Engineers and Data Scientists in the top 1% of their professions would be hired, and BrainCloud delivered.  We recruited their VP of Engineering, all of their Engineering Directors and most of their Engineers and Data Scientists across a 120+ person Engineering/ Data Science org.  The tech stack for the teams we built has always been leading edge including Swift, Kotlin, React, Golang, Swagger, Kafka, AWS, K8s, Terraform, Python, Pandas and Scikit-learn.

The best talent and candidates in the most in-demand positions don’t need to apply for jobs, so someone needs to go find them, grab their attention and safely guide them through to hire.  In 2022, Quanata needed to externally source 42 candidates.  The BrainCloud team found 38 of them, while saving Quanata over $2M in potential agency fees (~$8.4M in salaries * 25%). 

We also recruited employees for every other team in the company including Product, Marketing, Design, Experience, People, Finance, Business Sustainability, Biz Dev, Comms, Research, PMO and Talent Acquisition.

And we helped build out HiRoad for State Farm, a Data Science powered, gamified, mobile telematics- based Insurance company and the most personalized auto insurance company that’s ever been built.

BrainCloud started with a solo Head of Recruiting at Quanata and then as their growth accelerated we brought in two more elite ex-agency Headhunters to meet their rapidly expanding needs.  In total, Quanata’s Executive team renewed BrainCloud’s contract 6 times along with repeated requests for additional support and services.

In addition to our constant pursuit of the following:

  1. Augmenting Quanata’s applicant pool for their toughest positions with high level passive candidates they wouldn’t have access to otherwise
  2. Standing up their TA function so it will thrive after our work is through
  3. Listening for whatever is wanted and needed and being of service to Quanata wherever we can
  4. Leaving an indelible mark by working to ensure that every interaction we have with potential candidates or fellow co-workers is positive at least and ideally memorable 

We also:

  • Designed and delivered a highly acclaimed Referral contest that helped increase employee referrals by 200+% YoY alongside a weekly sourcing jam with hiring teams
  • Expanded the diversity of Quanata’s workforce through targeted sourcing.  Last year we set and hit or exceeded every one of our diversity goals including ensuring 25+% of our new Engineering/ DS hires were women or non-binary and 35+% of our new hires overall were BIPOC
  • Structured interview processes across the company to improve signal, reduce bias, save time and improve candidate experience
  • Built out a company wide interview question bank
  • Wrote and delivered interview training for every employee in the company who touches candidates
  • Researched and recommended salary ranges and advised on overall compensation policies and structure including throughout the transition to a fully distributed workforce
  • Optimized job postings on LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor and more role- specific sites
  • Advised on employer branding and managed our employer brand on various job sites
  • Wrote or advised on countless job descriptions
  • Used our insider knowledge to renegotiate vendor contracts that saved the company up to $50k per candidate
  • Vetted, procured and onboarded Quanata’s first ATS and then after Quanata outgrew Lever we helped Quanata vet, procure and migrate to Greenhouse
  • Vetted and procured multiple other recruiting tools/ platforms including Gem, Hired, Vettery and Human Predictions that significantly increased productivity
  • Built out Quanata’s entire internal Recruiting team
  • Managed the entire TA team until hiring a new Director of Talent Acquisition in 2022
  • Managed entire applicant pool for positions across all LOBs in partnership with internal TA team
  • Built out and managed team recruiting analytics and regularly reported up to Senior Leadership without being asked
  • Built up, shared and otherwise deployed a massive amount of institutional knowledge
  • Patented inventors on two Quanata patents
  • Routinized countless recruitment processes to make them more efficient, consistent, and effective while setting hiring related systems up for the future at scale
  • Contributed to superior attrition metrics with an unwavering focus on hiring right coupled with employee retention initiatives like stay interviews
  • Built an employee culture starting with employee #1 that was tight-knit, mission-oriented, high performing and happy at work.  Here’s proof:

Overall BrainCloud delivered on its promise to provide whatever Quanata wanted and needed in building out their Talent Acquisition function- and their company- with extraordinary talent density and a superb culture at less than half the cost they would have otherwise paid.*  

*But don’t take our word for it… if you would like to speak with anyone at Quanata about us, just say the word and we will make the connection.