Meet the BrainCloud Team


Joel Peterson

Like everyone at BrainCloud, Joel was very successful in the big agency world, but at the same time it also quickly became clear why so many Hiring Managers are frustrated with the lack of integrity, aptitude and results in Talent Acquisition both in their companies and in the big agencies that they typically use.

So, he founded BrainCloud Recruiting 8 years ago based on a new Talent Acquisition as a Service model that offers companies talent density and speed that internal teams don’t, and partnership and services that agencies can’t.

Joel specializes in building Executive, Technology and Product teams, though as he likes to say if you know how to recruit, you can recruit for anything.  Forbes recently selected him one of 45 Founding Recruiters on their transformational new recruiting platform,

Joel and his wife, Angela, have a tween daughter, 4 furry rescue friends (2 dogs/ 2 cats) and are in the process of adopting 7 year old twins from Madagascar.  He likes traveling in far corners of the world, music of all kinds, coaching/ playing sports of all kinds, being kind to all kinds and getting a little sleep when he can.

With a background in Software/Hardware Engineering and Data Science, Seth has spent the last decade honing his skills and developing a rare and comprehensive understanding of the tech industry.

Seth’s knowledge encompasses the latest web technologies like React, Redux and ES7, backend tech such as Golang, Python, Django and Microservices, data engineering tools/ techniques across Python, Spark, Kafka, Airflow, Numpy, and Pandas, and he has a solid grasp of mobile development in Kotlin and Swift.

Throughout his career, Seth has demonstrated a strong belief that every position can be filled and he will go to any lengths to prove it. He once put together a list of every python-centric Data Engineer in the U.S. on LinkedIn and then reviewed all 50,000 profiles- twice!

Seth lives in Minneapolis, MN with his wife, Liz, their son, Leni, and their dog, Whitaker. When he’s not geeking out on technology on one of his eight work screens, you’ll most likely find him on his bike towing Leni and Whitaker in the Burley, on the back deck or in the pool.

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Seth Gouldin

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Joe Sebok

Joe is a pioneer who thrives wherever he goes- from UC Berkeley to being a top ranked professional poker player to founding the world’s most popular poker radio show to running a high-performing corporate marketing department and then winning national awards as a Recruiter.

He is extraordinarily inventive and thoughtful with a flair for connecting people to environments where they can discover passions, flourish, and find happiness in roles that work beautifully for them.

Joe’s forte is marketing, design and creative in the tech realm, but he has also delivered exceptional talent or entire in-house teams from scratch in many other arenas including gaming, law, medical and operations. He is always looking to broaden his focus and take on new challenges.

Joe lives in sunny San Diego with his partner, Lara. He is a people person, a nature lover and a music aficionado. If he can combine all three at a music festival (which he regularly does) that’s as good as it gets.

Meet Brian Nord, the maestro orchestrating growth and innovation as BrainCloud Recruiting’s Head of Business Development.  With a flair for dynamic leadership and team-building acumen, Brian strides into this role ready to infuse fun, innovation, and unparalleled success for everyone.

Brian’s career includes a diverse set of accomplishments.  Having been a Director of a global enterprise, reporting directly to executives and the CEO, Brian has recruited, trained and developed scores of high performing teams.  Brian knows intimately how much having the right talent matters to the growth of any operation- especially to the successful launch of new initiatives and to the effective turnaround of underperforming departments.

Brian and his partner, Tim, love embracing the vibrant spirit of Minneapolis and reveling in the antics of their adorable pup, Hank.  A recent marathon finisher, Brian is a life-long learner and lover of life, always taking on the next challenge – and conquering it.

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Brian Nord