As a startup founder you already don’t have enough time in your day to do everything you want to do and you can’t get your product to market fast enough. You need people- your people- to help you build this thing.  But every other startup, big Tech company, etc. is looking for the same talent.  

Nobody grows up wanting to be a Recruiter- I’m sure you didn’t either.  And I imagine you’d rather not blow your Engineering budget on agency fees.  Let’s not even talk about the painful vetting process, explaining over and over what K8s is and the disappointment of one more candidate resume you wouldn’t remotely consider.

startupmind BrainCloud is for Startups

At Braincloud we are the un-agency.  We’re your people. We understand your world and what keeps you up at night and what you need.  Because we’ve helped Founders like you build startups before.  Many times.  We speak your language and we take great care and pride in helping you get where you’re trying to go.